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Can Robots Help us Rediscover What it Means to be Human?

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If I Ruled the World

headshot of Nicola Sturgeon in magenta jacket next to a saltire

Exclusive: First Minister Nicola Sturgeon Launches Footnote's #MyManifesto

If for one day you could rule the world what one change would you make?

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Finding Folk Music

Carolyn Scott takes a personal journey of discovery - or lack there-of - in attempting to figure out just what folk music is anyway!

Old men in Aran sweaters? Accordions and fiddles and all things twee? The Scottish folk scene is far from stereotypical.

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Review: Adam Kay, This is Going to Hurt

As Adam Kay's This is Going to Hurt, the Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor, is set to be adapted into a BBC comedy drama, we asked someone who knows the ups and downs of life in the NHS all too well to give their review of this award-winning book.

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In Conversation: Sounding Structures

We talk to the award-winning composer, Dr Katrina Burton, about how her hearing loss has forced her to approach her compositions in a different way.

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The Search for a Familiar Face

What does it mean when there's no one on TV or in films that really looks like you? When you can't find a character to relate to does it make you an outcast, a stranger or "not allowed"?

We explore the documentary A Familiar Face which offers a journey through how it feels to not be represented.

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Review: The latest and Greatest Podcasts

Our regular run down of what's hot, what's new and what's timeless in the land of podcasting.

Editorial: When we Design for Inclusion We All Win

Many of the great innovations which are now a staple part of our lives took their inspiration, in part, from breaking down barriers for those with disabilities.

Footnote aims to set a standard in inclusion and accessibility. Why not join us in this mission, who knows what we might stumble across?

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Footnote Editor: Carolyn Scott


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