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Designed for inclusion. Accessible to all.

Footnote is a new, innovative magazine developed to make everyday magazine content fully accessible for those with sensory impairments. At Footnote, we believe that when we design for inclusion, everyone benefits.


We seek to prove that accessible media is not second-rate, does not cost more to produce, and does not require a compromise in terms of quality or aesthetic appeal.

This entire site is built to the highest standards of accessible web design and our content is available in a variety of formats.

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This is not a magazine for people with sensory impairments, this is simply a magazine designed to be accessible to those with vision impairments. When we develop media purely for any group of people with a specific disability we create a sense of "other". Why should we assume that those with sensory impairments would want specific content related to their disability?

Footnote aims to roll-out its unique, innovative approach to other media outlets, setting a standard in inclusive and accessible design.


When we design for inclusion, everyone benefits. Designing any product with accessibility at the forefront encourages creative thinking and inspires innovation.

By showing how modern technology can allow us to redefine what a magazine is, what media is, we can inspire others to think beyond the constraints of traditional media creation and design.

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Check out our video all about Footnote and what we hope to achieve.