Many of the features which make this website accessible cannot be seen in a standard browser without assistive technologies.

Each page is structurally sound and built to be compatible with keyboard navigation. Additional "hidden" headers and descriptions are added to allow screenreaders to navigate the content. These can be seen by people using assistive technologies and will be read by screenreaders.

Screenshot showing hidden titles

All pictures have alt-text descriptions and any area where there is writing on top of a picture it is fully selectable so it can be read by a screen reader. All areas where there is text over the top of pictures have also been tested to ensure that minimum contrast requirements are met, this is why most images have semi-opaque overlays.

screen shot showing picture descriptions

screen shot showing colour compliance

Some of the writing style has been affected be ensuring that the content is accessible. For example, single quotation marks are never used - this is due to the fact that a screen reader will read 'word' as "apostrophe word apostrophe" but will read "word" as "quote word end quote"

I have run a full accessibility audit on the site and it scores 96% on a Google Accessibility audit and 10/10 on Nibbler, a common audit tool. The site can be made more accessible but will require the purchase of more advanced tools, which will happen as soon as the project secures funding.


Social Media Content

As the site is not yet live, it's difficult to showcase a social media strategy, I have however developed some content which would be used on social media.

All of the audio files can be embedded as playable links on Twitter and Facebook using the links from the SoundCloud page.


If I Ruled the World Promo

A video of Nicola Sturgeon should gain a lot of traction on social media. I've developed a square video with subtitles and simple yet effective graphics to play automatically on social media platforms.